At a legislative workshop last night (March 8th) there appears to be a push for immediate issuance of the proposed multi-million dollar bond issue to pay for the jail. Afterwards, they would talk about amendments to the plan – size, alternatives, etc. This is backwards!! Once the money is borrowed, we pay interest on it, no matter  if the final plans call for a lower cost building.  The only given reason for this is to avoid rising interest rates; but any short-term interest rate rise is sure to be negligent, and far less than the cost of borrowing more money than we need. And getting the extra money back by calling the bond early, then issuing another one, would cost more than the negligible extra interest due to any delay in the original issue. CAL YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY TO INSIST THAT THE VOTE ON THE BOND ISSUE BE POSTPONED FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. Phone numbers are listed on the Greene County site referenced in the last post.