The genesis of this group dates back to summer 2011 and the Rebuild the Dream movement, which was hosted by A few months later the name “BlueInGreene” and this website were created to rebrand the Greene County council of MoveOn. (Local MoveOn councils cannot use “MoveOn” in their names.) However, for a variety of reasons—including MoveOn’s status as a federal PAC and the restrictions that go along with that—BlueInGreene has decided to sever formal ties with and become an independent organization.

We continue to believe in fair play, opportunity for all and forward motion. And we will continue to work on behalf of progressive policies in Greene County, the Hudson Valley region and the country at large. We’ll also continue to partner with other progressive groups, including MoveOn, but our new, independent status will allow us to back progressive candidates in ways that PACs cannot.

If you’d like to learn more, or you’re interested in working with us, please write to